LBD take #2

Happy saturday dear friends. Today i am just sharing another little black dress(LBD) from my closet. My first thought was to wear an all black outfit but i saw these metallic before i saw my black heels so i decided t try this and i loved the look. I have been secretly crushing on the ear cuff trend and i finally decided to spot it myself in this look. What do you think?

This beautiful jacket was sent to me from eShakti for review purposes. I will be writing about the company in another post soon with another item i am so excited about. I loved the look of this jacket it was the perfect match to keep warm and stay stylish with this small dress. I got this dress for the clearance price of $7 from HM, i was to happy since i had actually picked it up with the tag reading $20. Shoes were from DSW for a clearance price of  $15 
Outfit details
Dress – here
Shoes – here
Jacket – here
Ear cuff – similar here
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TBT: Spring time Happy (In advance)

Dinner time = happy time. The saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” can also apply to ladies #I’mjustsayin lol

Anyways, I was in a hurry and would not have had enough time for pictures but thanks to the person behind the camera for just snapping away without waiting for me to step out and pose, I was able to get these lovely shots.

The early evening has the best lighting for vibrant colored pictures; the sun is not shinning too brightly but has just enough light to cast a beautiful glow on the skin :).
Now to my outfit – This was a match made by chance. I have had the top for so long but only wore it once. I just came upon it while reorganizing my closet recently. It so happened that I dropped the top right beside the skirt and that was how they met.
Crop top – let’s just say Osy closet
Skirt – Charlotte Russe
Denim jacket – Forever 21
Shoes – Target
Clutch – gift
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My Oscar’s Best!

I had to start off this post with this adorable couple. Channing and Jenna are just too cute and look so in love. They look great as individuals but as a couple, they are beyond fabulous. Channing’s look is pretty simple with the regular but I love Jenna’s dress. She slayed in that white dress and look at her shoes!
That orange lippie…

Now to everyone else… (My favorite of the night comes in at the end!)

Top Five colors ; These beautiful colors had me in awe. 
First up is Gina Rodriguez looking stunning in this blue dress. My favorite color! The dress is beautiful and looks amazing on here. I love how the fabric looks so smooth on her. This is something i can totally and easily wear.
Rosamund Pike did that! Oh my! I don’t know about you, but this view just captivates(for lack of a better word lol). Beautiful dress, perfectly accessorized with nothing – just how it needed to be. Let the dress do it’s thing. I love how thin those shoe straps are. 
Emma, Emma. She looked amazing in that dress. 
Hello hottie Scarlett. I love the color of her dress and the fit on her. The necklace had it’s own touch on the outfit. I think it worked well with her outfit. This is one of those times when you have to figure out what works best for your. A few lines ago, I was raving about how i love minimal accessories, now i am all for statement pieces lol. “There is no set rule in fashion, if it looks good and works well with everything else, then it’s the new rule.” – Osy, 2015. (Lol)
“There goes my baby” (in my best Usher’s voice). Miss JHud rocks this color. There were a lot of yellow at the Oscars but this was “the fairest of them all”. Here is another perfect beauty of minimal accessories 🙂
Then I have the nudes, whites and blacks
Meet Viola Davis. She is definitely among the top 5 “Best dressed” for me. She was practically glowing on the red carpet. her dress is beautiful and looks great on her, her make up is flawless and i love here hair.
Lupita! Thank God she did it right this time. I know so many people love whatever she puts on, but this one is really really beautiful. This her halter dress is dripped in beautiful pearls. She looks great.
Cate Blanchett wowed me in this simple but astonishing black dress. She looks amazing. And that her necklace fits perfectly right there.
I have Kelly! on my list. I love her dress. I have always thought she has her own special sense of style which i absolutely love and this look just proved to me that we just might have a lot of things in common lol. My Sunday(the same Oscar Sunday) outfit featured a top that looks exactly like the top of her dress.
And then i have my baby girl Zendaya. Just so you know, she can do NO wrong in my eyes lol. Yes, I love her that much. I LOVE her locks at the Oscars. With the way she has been experimenting with her hair, she is now probably at the top of the “Celebrity to watch for hair inspiration”. I am personally inspired. Her pixie cut had me thinking of getting a cut, now this. Haahaa
Ready for my BEST among the best? Let me re-introduce you to this fine young man David Oyetokunbo Oyelowo (You can just stop at David, don’t bite your tongue lol). All those black, navy blue and gray suits looked great on the red carpet but this… slayed everything else! He wore this so well. I don’t think just anybody can look this good in an all red(well burgundy) suit.
The adorable David made sure we didn’t miss anything lol. I love the socks too David.
This has to be every female celeb’s dream – to show up on the red carpet wearing the same dress as another of your colleagues. I really don’t think so haha
Here we have Miss J-Lo(left) and Miss Luciana Duvall(right). Who do you think wore this Elie Saab dress better?

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Colorblock #1

First, Happy February! And happy Valentine’s day in arrears. Some of you are probably on different levels of high spirits depending on your interest and who you celebrated it with. Well, I am pretty excited too as this season is another opportunity to ride the hype and spread the good news about the greatest lover of all time – Jesus – “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

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Chocolate beauty with ShopTheMint

One look at the first picture and i bet you can tell who(what) the “Chocolate beauty” is. Yes, you got it right, it’s this faux leather moto jacket from The Mint Julep Boutique. Spring is right around the corner and this will be a perfect piece to keep warm then. I have worn mine a couple times already(proof on my instagram) and added a layer over it just to combat the winter.
“Pictures tell a thousand words” so listen to what these pictures say about this delicious chocolate and i will tell you about my great customer service experience at the end.

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