Colorblock #1

First, Happy February! And happy Valentine’s day in arrears. Some of you are probably on different levels of high spirits depending on your interest and who you celebrated it with. Well, I am pretty excited too as this season is another opportunity to ride the hype and spread the good news about the greatest lover of all time – Jesus – “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

I know a lot of ladies will be wearing dresses(very likely red), as that is the regular go to wear for a date but i do know that some guys are more into skirts than dresses and i also happen to be more of a skirt kind of lady hence my outfit choice. I choose this skirt for it’s color and that pretty bow. I remember going on YouTube to learn to make bow ties(everything is on YouTube lol). This top was the first thing that came into my head as a suitable pair with this skirt, even before a white shirt. The top  is part of a set previously styled here.I personally think this is a very ladylike fit and that is why i loved it so much after i wore it.
It’s still winter and very cold outside(at least in this part of the world), so please do go out with a very big and warm jacket. A scarf or a sweater wont save you lol.
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Outfit details:
Top- Details here
Skirt- SheInside (here)
Shoes – International Concept (Macys)
As always please leave a comment and keep visiting.
XOXO. Love, Osy

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