Happy Springtime!

It’s finally spring time and my excitement knows no bonds so not even a snowy first day of a spring could damper my mood. So while everyone was celebrating the official start of spring in bright and beautiful colors on dry ground, we in New York were having a throwback moment hahaa. We had a beautiful snow fall. And I decided to celebrate in layers of borrowed oversize jacket over a cute metallic jacket, jeans and thigh boots. To pacify a part of my mind, i wore a pair of above the knee shorts instead of full on pants; it was supposed to be a warmer weather right?

At first i complained about it but then i soon got over that and blessed God for the beauty the snow created outside and i decided to make the best use of it (pictures in the snow was overdue for me anyway). I always wanted some but i was usually always in a rush to get to school/work or to get inside when i get back home. But this time, I was having fun in the snow so i hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Outfit details:
White tee – Wetseal
Metallic jacket – Similar here 
Hooded jacket – Brother’s closet
Jeans – American eagle 
Shoes – Gift from sis. Similar here  or here

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