Something different: Blue eyed

Hello dear, happy weekend. I hope you have had a great week so far? Today I am sharing my first experience with contact lenses (thanks to etailpr, Spooky Eyes and some other influence in my life).  
I choose this cool blue color because blue is my favorite color and i have always thought blue eyes were pretty. So when i got the opportunity i went for the blue and I am glad i did. I love this color so much that i am thinking of getting colored prescription contacts (it has always been on my mind anyway). I decided to keep my makeup as natural as possible so as to have my eyes as the focus point on my face. Although i must say it looks like my contouring game is finally at 30%, and i will keep practicing haha. 
Spooky Eyes has so many options of pretty colors and very interesting designs. I have my eyes on a few crazy ones that i plan to try someday. Check them out. 
I am glad for the opportunity to work with Spooky eyes and i am happy about the good and fun experience. Pictures of how this looks in daylight outside coming on the blog tomorrow.
Thank you for visiting, please drop any thoughts below(do you use contacts? How do you like it?) and follow me on Facebook  Instagram Twitter Bloglovin
My top picks from Spooky Eyes:
Cool blue (shown above)

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