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Sharing a quick review of some items I received courtesy of Influenster(more info below). The items include three lipsticks from the Amuse Bouche collection by Bite Beauty and one foundation from the Fit me collection by Maybelline. I really had to share this review because I am absolutely in love with all the items.

The lipsticks are pure lip dreams with how pigmented and moisturizing they are. Swiping the lipstick on is even an experience on its own because of how it slides on creamy and bold. It’s also great to know that the lipsticks are made with natural products, citrus flavor, and twelve edible oils. Even if you are a matte fanatic, you would absolutely love and appreciate this very different texture. Best of all this amazing goodness comes in 34 shades, you bet I am getting some of my favorite pink shades. they are available at Sephora (link here or below)

Showing beetroot in the opening picture and gazpacho(red) and pepper(nude or light blush) in the pictures above.
Now to the “fit” life with Maybelline, I was lucky to get my exact shade from Influenster. I got 340 and i thought it might be a little light from looking at the liquid and I was prepared to mix it with another shade and add that to my review but upon application, it turned out perfect so you can obviously see why I had to create a post for it lol. I also like that it is not too heavy yet has great coverage. If you are wondering if I applied powder over the foundation, yes I did. Interestingly, I found out my sister had recently bought the Fit me foundation and powder. While we are not the same shade in foundation(she is 355), we have always kind of had the same or very close match in the powders (240) so I was able to work with her powder.
If you have a facebook and an Instagram page and you have not signed up with Influenster, you need to get on it. Just like its name, it’s a platform that connects “influencers” with brands for product review and exposure purposes. Unlike most of the websites I am signed with which are exclusive to bloggers, Influenster is open to everyone. So go ahead and check it out.

Benefits: You get boxes with different items depending on what is being promoted. Items can be anything from toothpaste, to mascara, to sportswear, to giant size coffee makers. It’s unbelievable.

So how does it work?
Once you sign up, you have to connect your social media accounts(this is safe) and answer a few questions and survey for them to match you up and then you just say a prayer for a little good luck butter and wait for the emails.
I have been with them for over a year and gotten very amazing items(usually items that I would probably not have tried on my own and sometimes, something I already use). Unfortunately, I have been very lazy about posting the items I get but I am glad to say, that era is gone. I have made up  my mind to share what i get since this will also help my readers who deserve to know what I have been enjoying in secret lol. For more information, click on their link here.
Click the link for the link party 🙂

Thanks for visiting and please share your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

Love, Osy
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