Styling A Printed Skirt

Ahhhh this print!!! This is my favorite printed skirt ever. This other skirt (here) used to be my favorite because of it’s waist trimming effect but the chevron print on this beats anything. I promised to restyle the skirt in spring when i first showed it off in this post (here), so here is another look at this beauty. 
You might notice that I have two different hairstyles, and that is because I changed the style in the middle of the shoot. My plan was to wear big hair that day but I noticed that the hair looked a little too big. I love big hair, (I am always on the “big hair, don’t care” team lol) but I need my hair on the quiet side for this look. I need the focus to be on my outfit, not the large afro (I know it’s hard not to notice the fro anyway).
One of the key things when styling a look is to decide what and where you want the focus on. There are times you create a look in which every piece from head to toe is attention grabbing and you step out in your diva mode but then again there are times when you want it to be all about just one piece, that could be your hair, a gorgeous hand beaded top, or your hot color block heels. So to properly direct your audience’s (peep my word choice lol)focus, you you highlight the piece to display.
(my lipstick – here)
So, to my outfit, I decided to pair my skirt with one of the colors on the print. I love all the colors so the deciding factor was the most unique – which was the mustard. I have a crush on the color but i dont get to see it often in the stores. This vintage like shirt is actually from a thrift store. I rolled up the sleeves to add a relaxed vibe to the look and so i dont look like I was swallowed since the shirt and the hair already covered most parts of me lol
Here is a closer look at the detail on the seam.

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Love, Osy
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